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Nuclear Power Plants

An “As Built” Digital Twin for operations and dismantling

Oil & Gas

Digital twins using massive point clouds for huge and complex on-shore and off-shore assets

Smart City

Combining IoT and AI with massive point clouds digital twins for smart cities


The use of digital twins in massive point clouds for airport facilities and their associated operational services

Material Heritage of Humanity

Use of massive point clouds digitals twins for historical studies and virtual tours


A new paradigm of Digital Twins covering design, construction and

lifecycle of complex industrial assets

During the Design phase, TeknoTwins integrates subcontractors’ models in the layout model, allowing to identifies sooner clashes and errors. This is the accurate BIM.

During the construction, TeknoTwins upgrades the accurate BIM model to accurate BIM 4D, and compares synchronized views of it with the reality on site, thanks to laser scanning or photogrammetry and our real time point cloud viewer solution. Identifying discrepancies between planned and constructed, understanding interface problems between partners or documents not up to date. All partners have to check the status and identify issues, store them in a issues database and inform all involved partners.

The economic, environmental, and energy saving contexts lead Operators to improve their asset management. Digital Twin is designed to solve these challenges. However, Operator’s are facing limitations to get large and complex installations within the Digital Twin and to keep them in a “permanent as built” status while continuously implementing updates.

TEKNO has designed an innovative assets management solution, ProcessLife, easy to use, and able to overcome these limitations by adding the following features to current Digital Twins:

    1. Easy identification of equipment using Smartlinks connected to SCADA, DCS, databases, procedures, schemas, and CAD drawings.
    2. Quick equipment retrieving through a reference tree of functional tag.
    3. Visualization in the control room of equipment generating alarms, leading to a direct understanding and relevant operating actions (VisioSpace).
    4. Centralization of all data on a dashboard.
    5. Activation of switches, lights, motors, … from a remote device.
    6. Planification of maintenance and dismantling.
    7. Keeping security of data, backup and remote access.

With complex assets like nuclear power plants or Oil & Gas plants, competitors are using cumbersome solutions such as 360° pictures and 3D CAD models extracted from point clouds. For Virtual Reality applications theses 3D CAD models are converted to video games, resulting in multiples sources highly difficult to synchronize and update.

To solve these problems TEKNO has developed the PCE kernel (Point Clouds Engine), an innovative technology able to manage all types of industrial installation, new construction and facilities under operation. The strategy is based on huge point clouds (100 to over 1,000 billion points) able today to face the growing needs of massive digital twins to manage large and complex industrial facilities, managing their daily update leading to a permanent “as-built” Digital Twin.
Our approach is to work directly on point cloud without any needs of conversions which allows a time saving of about 80% for the creation and updates of digital twins.

Based on PCE kernel, ProcessLife is the solution ready to use for process monitoring, and maintenance planning. Dedicated to industrial Owners/Operators of continuous process, it provides the following functions:

    1. Capacity to acquire the whole installation by using more than 50 billion points with a 1mm accuracy.
    2. Fluid displacements (real time) in the whole point cloud Digital Twin.
    3. Views are instantly reconstructed whatever the locations visited.

ProcessLife options provide operators with innovative operating features directly implemented in Digital Twins, such as:

    1. Permanent “as built” by integrating modifications in real time.
    2. Very fine collision detection between equipment and its surrounding environment.
    3. Gravity and natural displacements of avatars or equipment in the Digital Twin with collision detection.
    4. Embedding of the Digital Twin within 3D CAD applications.
    5. Hybrid model by importing 3D CAD models within the 3D point cloud.
    6. Precise calculation of the received doses (nuclear reactors).

Processlife solutions provides an operating tool to Operators of large industrial facilities, such as the energy sector (i.e. Nuclear Power Plants, Oil & Gas), but also to operators of Smart Cities, Airports, Cultural Heritage sites and Real Estate.

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