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TEKNO s.a.r.l.  •  14b, A Romescht  •  L-7364 Bofferdange (Luxembourg)

+352 2762 0353

Gerard Muyle

Gerard Muyle

Founder, CEO

He has founded and managed TEKNO for 32 years. The company has represented Intergraph and Bentley Systems solutions for many years and has developed third-party applications for these CAD software customers. Areas of focus include construction, town planning, industry, and environmental safety. This activity has required the ability to handle multidisciplinary, often complex projects. TEKNO has invested in R&D, which includes the development of the Point Clouds Engine solution.

Alain Hubrecht

Alain Hubrecht

Co-founder, CTO

He co-founded TEKNO and worked for 15 years in computer aided design at Tractebel Energy Engineering (now Engie), founder of VRcontext and inventor of Walkinside, 8 years as CTO of VRcontext, 6 years as a European expert in High-Performance Computing and 6 years as an expert for Counter-terrorism and Peace Support Operation Simulation. He has a strong experience in the IT fields related to energy, industry, security and defense, and a large network of contacts in Europe and the US. Passionate about new technologies and new challenges, he has also worked on a nuclear power plant simulator (ALICE and Swing from Corys).

Guy Bettoun

Guy Bettoun

Partner, CCO

He joined TEKNO as a partner for the development of PCE. He has worked for 38 years in the power industry in senior management positions at EDF. 6 years responsible for design, procurement and commissioning of systems in 1300 MW nuclear power plants. 6 years on Chinese projects, responsible for technical management of design, construction, fabrication, erection and commissioning. 7 years Director of the basic design of the EPR (European Pressurized Reactor). 2 years General Manager of EDF’s Nuclear Engineering Department. 10 years Director of Industrial Partnerships and Director of Risks/Audits/Internal Control for the Asia Pacific Division.